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We are located in the State of Washington in the Pacific North West. We have all 4 seasons and enjoy the finest of each, and do put up with 102 degrees in the summer to -4 degrees in the winter. We have 2 stores, about 20 minutes apart. Our original foundation store is in the Spokane Valley since 1949 and our Famous Texas Boot Store is on the North side of Spokane that we opened in 2012. We welcome you to visit us if you are in the area. The East side of Washington state is dryer than the west side.We are neighbors to the Palouse which is one of the largest wheat producing areas in the US.

HAV Western Wear was founded in 1949 by three brothers: Hugo, Alfons and Victor.

It started as a "farm store" stocking hardware, farming supplies and hiring out labor for small jobs.

After a few years, Hugo and Alfons decided to return to carpentry and farming themselves, leaving Victor with the Store. Over the years, HAV evolved into a hardware and tack store, then to a tack and clothing store.

Victor used to joke about having to marry a woman with an "H" name to keep the store's initials correct. He married "Helen" in 1949.

Today, HAV Western wear carries quality boots, clothing and accessories. It is owned by Victor's daughter, Vikki.

Our employees all own horses and ride, show, farm and ranch. We use the products we sell and we are some of our biggest critics. We listen to our customers. Varied lifestyles require specialized boots and leathers. We find out from our customers about comfort, waterproofness, and durability.

We take the time to know our products inside and out so we can help you select the right product based upon your fit and your lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a fashion boot or you need the most comfortable pair of boots for everyday living, we will help you find the product that is right for you.